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From the desk of the Vice Chancellor

Access to knowledge is the birth right of every individual. Education has always been considered as the greatest liberating force for individual. It is the key component of human development and considered as essential to all round development of the individual in material, mental and spiritual levels. Wider door for accessing to higher education is the important parameter for enhancement of human capabilities, which expand the freedom from all types of servitude which is the cornerstone of empowerment.

Though Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University is tender in age in West Bengal Higher education platform, yet it has emerged as most promising University. Within a short span of time our University has positioned itself in a momentous site in educational map of West Bengal in regards to academic and co-curricular activities by achieving some distinct goals. We have a 100 % ragging- free tobacco- free smart campus with a fully automated central library. The entire campus is brought under Wi-Fi networks. International standard Guest House, introduction of job oriented courses, amiable student’s teacher’s relationship, establishment of career oriented coaching center are some of the benchmark of our University.

Apart from the infrastructural issues our students’ academic performance in all India level examinations like NET, SET GATE encourages us to work more hard. The University left no stone to be unturned for betterment of quality curricular and co curricular atmosphere where a considerable number of students are either from first generation learner or from marginalized economic background.

A University should not be satisfied just only to stare at the learners. University should have a mission to contribute to the larger society apart from its academic endeavour. We have a big role at our shoulder to conserve, preserve and restore its age-old tradition, various ethnic composition and distinctive cultural facets relevant in present socio-economic milieu. We have adopted a series of activities in this regard. Introduction of courses on traditional knowledge and culture like Lac, Chhau, Jhumur, Women studies, South Asian Studies, establishment of Museum is a few facet of the University.

We need to mobilize our intuitive knowledge, skilled efforts and farsighted vision in a resourceful way to establish this institution to its magnificence. In spite of some great challenges to confront, our collective efforts, dedication and hard work are the only panacea to triumph over all the obstacles and to find out the solutions to the diverse problems that beset our society.

At our Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University we not only confine ourselves in disseminating facts, figures and information but also train the young mind to think beyond to unlock the new windows of intellects with rational thought and humanity. We are committed to organize to its learners in a holistic manner to convert them to a full functioning ethical value based individual who will be a responsible citizen with self respect and self dignity in the tune of Swamiji’s Clarion “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man”.

Prof. Dipak Kumar Kar

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