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PG ADMISSION (2020-21)

STAY AT HOME AND BE SAFE Provisional Merit List for PG Admission 2020 for all candidates (20% Category) Admission to Ph.D. Programme (1st Part) - 2021 3rd Merit / Admission List for Admission & Admission 2020-21 for 80% Category Provisional Merit List for Admission 2020 Applications are invited for the Selection Deans Notice for extended date for admission to Post Graduate Courses for the session 2020-21 Notification the extended date for admission to Post Graduate Courses for the session 2020-21 Notification for Examinees regarding the UG Par-II (Back) examination,2020 Online PG Admission(1st semester) Session 2020-2021 Admission into PG-III(University Campus),UG(Psychology)III & V semester Appeal from Hon'ble Higher Education Minister to fight Covid-19 DST STI HUB activities Managing the Pandemic Corona awareness through Chhau Dance' Homemade Facial Mask Distribution of Hand Sanitizer SKBU Social Activities ONLINE LIBRARY SERVICES Contribution to West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund(26-03-2020) SOCIAL DISTANCING PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT IN THE ADVENT OF CORONA OUTBREAK e-Learning Management System Videography

Affiliated Colleges

Colleges Affiliated to Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University

General Degree College


1.Achhruram Memorial College

P.O- Jhalda Dist- Purulia, PIN 723202

Ph & Fax: 03254 255255

Dr. Arup Kanti Konar, Principal

M: 7586912252 / 9609546029

E mail:

2.Ananda Marga College

Anandanagar, Pundag

P.O-Baglata, Dist – Purulia, Pin- 723215

Shri Radhanath Das, Teacher in Charge

M: 9732020964/9635636580

E mail:


3.Arsha College

P.O- Arsha, Dist –Purulia, Pin-723201

Dr. Bidyapati Kumar, Principal

M: 9046659448

E mail:

4. Balarampur College

P.O- Rangadih, Dist-Purulia, Pin- 723143

Dr. Ananya Ghosh, Principal

M: 9609634127

E mail:

5. Bandwan Mahavidyalaya

Vill-Chilla, P.O.-Jitan, Dist –Purulia, Pin-723129

Shri Sanjoy Das, Teacher in Charge

M: 9432416655

E mail:

6. Barabazar Bikram Tudu Memorial College

P.O.-Barabhum, Dist –Purulia, Pin-723127

Shri Chandrakanta Panda, Teacher in Charge

M: 9679437600

E mail:

7. Bikramjeet Goswami Memorial college

Joypur, P.O.-Garh Joypur, Dist – Purulia,


Dr. Asit Kumar Mahato, Principal

M: 9434659514

E mail:

8. Chitta Mahato Memorial College

P.O:-Jargo, Dist:-Purulia, Pin-723212

Dr Amal Ch Sarkar, Teacher in Charge

M: 9733679370

E mail:


9. Government General Degree College

Susunia, PO-Kumari, Manbazr-II

Dist.-Purulia, PIN – 723 131

Shri Avijit Sarkar, Officer in Charge

M: 9434112544

E mail:

10. Jagannath Kishore College

Ketika, Purulia, Dist – Purulia, PIN -723101

Ph & Fax: 03252 228744

Dr. Santanu Chattopadhyay, Principal

M: 9434111565

E mail:

11. Kashipur Michael Madhusudan Mahavidyalaya

P.O- Panchakoteraj, Dist- Purulia, PIN -723132

Ph & Fax: 03251 246500

Dr. Bibhas Kanti Mandal, Principal

M: 7001078092, E mail: &

12. Kotshila Mahavidyalaya

P.O-Jiudaru, Dist- Purulia, Pin-723213

Dr. Pravat Kumar Mandal, Principal

M: 9433468244

E mail:


13. Mahatma Gandhi College

Lalpur, P.O- Daldali, Dist – Purulia, Pin- 723101

Ph & Fax: 03252 240251

Dr. Santi Kundu, Principal

M: 9434232090

E mail:

14. Manbhum Mahavidyalaya

Vir Ganganarayan Road, P.O- Manbazar, Dist- Purulia

Pin- 723131

Shri Asutosh Biswas, Teacher in Charge

M: 9434881646

E mail:

15. Netaji  Subhas Ashram Mahavidyalaya

P.O-Suisa, Dist- Purulia

Pin- 723212

Shri Kinkar Das, Teacher in Charge

M: 9932342784

E mail:


16. Nistarini College

Deshbandhu Road, Purulia

Pin-723101, Dist – Purulia

Ph & Fax: 03252 229926

Dr. Indrani Deb, Principal

M: 9434009555

E mail:

17. Panchakot Mahavidyalaya

Sarbari, P.O- Neturia

Dist- Purulia, Pin-723121

Dr. Saptarshi Chakraborty, Principal

M: 8293810685

E mail:


18. Raghunathpur College

P.O- Raghunathpur

Dist- Purulia, Pin-723133

Ph & Fax: 03251 255235

Dr. Phalguni Mukhopadhyay, Principal

M: 9083274523

E mail:

19. Ramananda Centenary College

P.O- Laulara, Puncha

Dist- Purulia, Pin-723151

Ph & Fax: 03252 259217

Dr. Debasis Das, Teacher in Charge

M: 7003884601/9614479319

E mail:

20. Santaldih College

Ushir, P.O- Chattarmahul

Dist- Purulia, Pin- 723145

Shri Agnibho Chakraborty, Teacher in Charge

M: 7044654336

E mail:

21. Sitaram Mahato Memorial College

Anadadeep, P O - Kuruktopa

Dist – Purulia, PIN 723128

Shri Debabrata Banerjee, Teacher in Charge

M: 9749744290

E mail:

Professional College


1. Bengal Institute of Science & Technology

Tata Road, Dulmi-Nadiha

Dist – Purulia, PIN-723102

Shri Pradip Kumar Mahato, Teacher in Charge

M: 9932711293

E mail:

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