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Admission in Different Diploma courses (2020-21)

STAY AT HOME AND BE SAFE RE-OPENING OF ADMISSION TO PH.D. PROGRAMME (1ST PART) – 2021) Notification for Examinees regarding the PG & UG(Psychology) Odd Semester Examinations, 2020 Link to Download Admit card for UG Sem III Examinations 2020 Online Registration 1st semester PG Students 27th Merit List of 80% & 20% Category & Online Admission 2020 26th Merit List of 80% & 20% Category & Online Admission 2020 25th Merit List of 80% & 20% Category & Online Admission 2020 24th Merit List of 80% & 20% Category & Online Admission 2020 23rd Merit List of 80% & 20% Category & Online Admission 2020 Online Registration For PG Re- Advertisement for Admission into the different Diploma/ Certificate courses in 2020-21 against vacant reserved category Seats Results of PhD Course Work 2020 Admission Notification into different PG Diploma/ Diploma/ Certificate courses in 2020-21(Click here) Online Application for free studentship of existing 3rd sem students Admission in different Diploma/ Certificate Skill Development courses in 2020-21 Admission in different PG Diploma/ Diploma courses in 2020-21 Admission to Ph.D. Programme (1st Part) - 2021 Appeal from Hon'ble Higher Education Minister to fight Covid-19 DST STI HUB activities Managing the Pandemic Corona awareness through Chhau Dance' Homemade Facial Mask Distribution of Hand Sanitizer SKBU Social Activities ONLINE LIBRARY SERVICES Contribution to West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund(26-03-2020) SOCIAL DISTANCING PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT IN THE ADVENT OF CORONA OUTBREAK e-Learning Management System Videography

Officers list



Existing E-mail ID

Dr.Nachiketa Bandopadhyay


Dr.Subal Ch. De

Controller of Examinations

Sri Tapan Kumar Hazra

Inspector of Colleges

Sri Pranab Hazra


Sri Gurudas Mandal

Development officer(Officiating)

Nirmalendu Khan

Security officer

Anupam choudhuri

University Engineer

Gurudas Mondal

Officer Training & Placement

Sanjay Basu

Finance  Officer

Md Abdur Rakib

Aduit & Accounts Officer

Rabi Sankar Pandey


Prasenjit  Bandopadhyay Asst.Controller of Examinations

Rabi Sankar Pandey

System & Support Officer(Officiating)

Sarmila Gupta 

UG Council  Secretory

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